Finance Application Process

Calculate the monthly payment

Start by finding out exactly what you can afford. Remember to take into consideration insurance and registration costs. Make use of our handy calculator found on the listing of your preferred car

Apply for Finance

Once you’ve chosen your car, ask your dealer for the  finance application form or Download it below. Make sure to include the following:

»  Copy of your ID

»  Copy of your driving licence

»  Proof of income

»  Proof of residence, such as a utility bill (not older than two months)

NB: The dealership will submit your application for finance for you. Please do not submit your application directly to any financial institution. All aspects of the finance agreement will be negotiated at dealer level. Once your finance has been approved and you have signed an offer to purchase, the dealership will contact you to arrange a suitable time to sign all the legal documentation. Please ensure that the dealership supplies you with copies of the relevant signed documentation.

Download Finance Application Form